Risk Assessor & Approved Professional Risk Assessor

September 18, 2015

Your Workday

You will immediately become an important team member. Don’t worry about working alone, because as part of our team you’ll get plenty of help both from two senior risk assessors who are part of our Extended Team, and from several staff who have experience in doing basic risk assessment work and reporting including toxicity tests, investigative data collection, problem formulation, exposure assessment, hazard assessment (TRVs), risk characterization, uncertainty analysis and risk management conditions.

You will be relied on to do everything from providing back of the envelope estimates through complex calculations necessary for addressing residual contamination and obtaining a Certificate of Compliance to risk-based standards. At the other extreme, we need you to do much simpler work, all aimed at assisting our clients to resolve environmental problems affecting their business.

In this role, you will be representing NEXT’s standard of excellence while working in a modern, progressive and fast-paced environment. You’ll find the work challenging, but fun and interesting.


What You Get

Our philosophy is to treat everyone fairly, including you. Your salary and benefits depend on experience and what you’re currently getting. For instance, senior staff often have longer vacation entitlements than our normal starting period of 3 weeks. Items like this are negotiable to ensure you are fairly treated and do not have to give up something substantial to work with us. Also, if you are an Approved Professional, your salary range will typically be higher than if you do not have this designation. Otherwise, we’re expecting to fill these positions with new team members who would probably be in the salary range of $80,000 to $130,000 plus full medical/dental benefits, 3 weeks paid vacation (or more depending on your current package), banked time/overtime based on company policy, Group RRSP contributions, eligibility for profit sharing, and other nice benefits like extra days off at Christmas/New Years with years worked.


Who You Are

You are someone who wants or needs a change from a standard work environment to a dynamic setting, where what you say counts and what you do matters. You are an experienced intermediate or senior-level risk assessor (preferably with Approved Professional designation) who enjoys what you do and would like to work in a great team environment. You will need a suitable professional designation, such as R.P.Bio., P.Eng., P.Geo, You will need to have experience on contaminated sites, so this role is not suitable for novice candidates.


How to Apply

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to jobs@nextenvironmental.com or Fax to 604-419-3801