Next Environmental president Dr. Harm Gross achieves CSAP Approved Professional (AP) designation

January 23, 2014

Congratulations Harm!


Dr. Harm Gross,
owner and President
Next Environmental Inc.

NEXT Environmental Inc. is proud to announce that Dr. Harm Gross, owner and President, is now a member of the Society of Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals of British Columbia (“CSAP”), as a Standards Assessment Specialist with the designation of Approved Professional (AP).

CSAP members are professionals who have undergone stringent technical evaluations and have been appointed by the Director of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment (“Ministry”). CSAP members can review and submit applications for regulatory instruments, such as Certificate of Compliances.

What does this mean to you as a client?

You can rely on Harm to answer all your technical and regulatory questions, and to obtain ministry certificates, approvals and releases for any of your development needs.