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Groundwater Barriers

Location: Various BC locations
Challenges: Contamination from neighbouring properties

NEXT Environmental Solution

barriers-1NEXT Environmental solutions have come to the rescue for several cases where neighbouring properties are contaminating our clients’ land. When those neighbours aren’t concerned with remediation, it’s an unfortunate situation, but it still requires action.

We’ve helped several of these clients in British Columbia by offering environmental services including remediation and installation of barriers to prevent re-contamination. We have experience installing several types of barriers according to client needs, ensuring that site-specific factors are covered, such as contaminant type, contaminant distribution and hydrogeological conditions. Barriers we’ve designed and installed include Waterloo sheet pile, jet grout, concrete slurry and Mira Drain.

As with all our environmental solutions, we always take the most economical approach because cost recovery is especially important when dealing with off-site responsible parties.

Is contaminated neighbouring property affecting your land? For the most cost-effective solution, contact us today.

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