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We strive to make our employees happy in the workplace. See what our employees are saying about Next Environmental!

  • "Having moved from a large multi-national environmental firm to Next Environmental I have found that I am treated like a valuable member of the team, instead of a small cog in a corporate machine. In the last month I have learned more on how to be a productive environmental professional than the last 10 years at my previous employer. The client focused attitude, and an emphasis on applying regulatory knowledge has pushed my confidence and abilities to the next level. The family culture, open door policy, and company wide support makes working here a pleasure. The possibilities for advancement at this company is only limited by personal drive. I will add also getting paid at or above industry standard is pretty awesome as well! For someone who values knowing the why and not only the how, Next Environmental provides incredible mentorship and training. A benefit that I have not experienced in other environmental consulting companies.

    At Next Environmental you are trained to be a professional Environmental Consultant, not limited to being an Environmental Technician."

    Environmental Specialist
  • "What I like about NEXT is the culture and the people around in the office. Our team members work at a high professional and productive level, but I never found them hard to reach-instead, NEXT people are very down to earth, fun and open. Most importantly, there is never a distance between everyone here. I just had my birthday yesterday and I received a cake and the most heard-warming birthday card ever. A team that works closely and shares joy together is rare to find, and I feel lucky to be a part of this."

    Environmental Technologist
  • "I have worked at Next Environmental Inc. for the past two years as a Business Liaison. I truly feel lucky to be working for such a great company. Next has given me the opportunity to learn new career skills and work in a hybrid position! The culture at Next is amazing, and so are the people."

    Business Liaison
  • "Working with Next has been a great experience already, even though I’ve only been here a short while. The people made me feel welcome here since my very first day, and I’ve even joined a dragon boat team (something I never thought I would do) outside of the office with a bunch of them. My favourite part of the job is going to businesses and properties all over BC and learning about industries that I never would have had a chance to explore in a different career. My opportunities for advancement within the company seem nearly limitless, and I am looking forward to seeing where Next sends me in the future."

    Environmental Technologist
  • "Being quite new to Next I can’t say enough how happy I am that my career path brought me here. In nowadays corporate environments, where numbers matter more than people, it is hard to find a company that gives you that “at home” feeling, where team work really means that!"

    Sales Support & Office Administrator
  • "I enjoy working at NEXT because you get to participate in all stages of the environmental process from stage 1's to DSI's. This provides the project lead with a better understanding of the history of the site and the work being performed."

    Environmental Specialist, Investigation
  • "One of the things I like most about Next is Social Fridays at the end of the day. It’s nice to be able to have an opportunity to relax at the end of the week and hang out with everyone in the office. I think it creates a more positive work environment and helps to promote the work/life/balance concept."

    Environmental Technologist
  • "Working at Next has been fantastic. It’s a very inclusive environment that does a lot to keep employees happy, such as the managers’ open door policy, healthy snacks in the kitchen, RRSP matching, social Fridays, etc. Expectations are kept high, but so is the level of mentorship, so I never feel truly out of my depth."

    Environmental Technologist
  • "As a new member of the company for only 2 weeks, I have noticed and received this company that truly shares and passes on their wealth of knowledge. In addition on the company side, team does the same, this equals to success. I know I am part of a winning team! GO NEXT!"

    Client Services Professional
  • "Next is constantly willing to provide learning experiences both in the office and out in the field."

    Environmental Specialist, Investigation
  • "I enjoy working at Next, as the staff are very friendly. Next is also a great place for me to grow."

    Research and Support Specialist
  • "NEXT doesn't restrict your career advancement. There is plenty of flexibility and opportunity. If you have the aptitude and drive, you will be rewarded."

    Graphics & Network Manager
  • "The rewarding challenge is to design investigations and remediation's that allow obtaining Ministry instruments in the most economical way that meet the client’s time requirements."

    Technical Lead, Investigation & Remediation
  • "In the six years I have worked at Next Environmental Inc., I think the thing I enjoy most is how the company culture encourages professionalism and independence."

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