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Tank Removal for Site Remediation and Liability Reduction

Remove environmental liability
Old or leaking Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) can be a major environmental liability. The BC Fire Code requires that when a UST is not in use, good engineering practice is used when removing, abandoning in place, or temporarily taking out of service, the UST.

As part of our site remediation services at NEXT Environmental, we offer expert removal of USTs from residential, commercial and industrial properties, including locations that are difficult to access.

tank-removalOur safe tank removal services include evacuating contents, removing associated piping, and collecting samples to evaluate the presence or absence of contaminated land. If contamination is found, we can provide further environmental remediation services and a report including confirmation of tank removal to the Ministry of Environment.

Many services pull tanks without correct evaluation of soil, groundwater and vapours, leaving unsuspecting landowners with ongoing liability. Some companies even go so far as to provide “certificates of removal” which are worthless. Do it right the first time.

To learn more about our UST removal and site remediation services, contact us today.

Environmental Remediation Services

A permanent solution to land contamination

remediation-1When you’re faced with a contaminated land problem, getting it up to Ministry of Environment standards can seem like a huge task. With our expert environmental remediation services, we can help you do what needs to be done so you can obtain a Certificate of Compliance and get back to business.

Often the best approach for meeting Ministry standards, physical remediation is a permanent solution. It’s also easy to achieve when you work with our experienced environmental consultants. In fact, we’ve helped turn around even the most seemingly hopeless cases of contamination thanks to a combination of our extensive experience and creative problem-solving skills.

When you work with NEXT Environmental, we work hard to ensure you don’t spend more money than necessary on remediating a contaminated site, while at the same time ensuring all standards are met to protect human health and the environment.

To learn more, check out some of our remediation work on contaminated land in the case studies below, or contact us today.


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