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Need a Certificate of Compliance? Our environmental consultants can help!

Bring your property up to Ministry of Environment standards
certificate-of-compliance-1A Certificate of Compliance (CoC) confirms that your contaminated land has been remediated to Ministry of Environment standards. If you need help getting one, our environmental consultants can help.

NEXT Environmental is a leading provider of CoC’s for the business community in BC. We can help you go through the steps necessary to get your property up to standard by recommending fast and cost-effective environmental services of the highest quality.

It’s also important to note that the Ministry can change its requirements at any time, rendering previously obtained CoCs invalid. If you’re unsure of the status of your CoC, we offer third-party review services to ensure validity, which can be critical for your project’s success.

Whether you need a third-party review or a CoC for residential or commercial land use, land areas, specific contaminants or specific Ministry environmental standards, contact us today.

Permits and Potentially Contaminated Land: We Can Help!

Get on the fast track to getting that permit

municipal-approvals-1If you’ve ever tried to redevelop a convenience store on land previously occupied by a gas station, or upgrade a strip mall that once had a dry cleaner on-site, you know what a headache that can be in terms of getting the permits you need. It’s an unfortunate reality that developers and property owners have to face when dealing with contaminated land, but the good news is, we can help make the process much less painful.

Our environmental consulting services including helping you take the necessary steps toward getting permits for rezoning, subdividing or developing a potentially contaminated site. We can recommend the speediest and most affordable course of action for reaching your business goals while remaining compliant with municipal permit requirements. In fact, accelerating the process of obtaining municipal approvals is our specialty.

To learn more about how a NEXT Environmental consultant can help you get the permits you need, contact us today.

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