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Co-Mingled Contamination in Chinatown

Location: Historic service station in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC
Challenges: Area-wide contaminated backfill, on-site contamination, off-site contamination, historical buildings

NEXT Environmental Solution

Previous investigations by other consultants had revealed a large contaminant plume that would have resulted in our client incurring huge remediation costs. However, based on several site investigations and assessment of surrounding properties, our environmental consultants were able to delineate areas of contamination that were caused by site activities only. In doing so, we greatly reduced the size of contaminant plume our client was responsible for remediating, resulting in considerable cost savings.

We also developed an engineering plan to help avoid destruction of historic Chinatown infrastructure on the adjacent City property during remediation, and completed physical remediation of the site that made it amenable to Risk Assessment and supported an application for a Certificate of Compliance.

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